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As far as possible we have adhered to the latest accessibility guidelines, but if you have any problems please contact us.

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If it will help you to read the content of the Engage web site, you can make the text larger using your browser. In Internet Explorer, for example, use the 'View' menu and select an appropriate 'Text Size'.

Tabbing and Access Keys

If you are not using a mouse, you can use the <tab> key to navigate through each page. For navigation around the main parts of the site, there are access keys which produce keyboard shortcuts. If you are using Internet Explorer 7, press the <Alt> key and the access key you need (listed below) together, release them both, and then press <enter>. With other Windows-based systems press the 'Alt' key with the access key, keep holding them both down, and then enter or return. On a Macintosh press the 'Ctrl' key with the access key and then enter or return (though these guidelines might vary with different types of software).

The following access keys are used on this site:

  • a - Accessibility
  • s - Skip Navigation and go to main content
  • h - Home Page
  • i - Introduction
  • u - About Us
  • c - Contact Us
  • m - Site Map
  • 1 - Getting Started in Science
  • 2 - Reviewing Literature
  • 3 - Planning Your Research
  • 4 - Step-by-Step Statistics
  • 5 - Writing Scientifically
  • 6 - Presenting Science
  • 7 - Going Professional
  • 8 - How Do I ... ?
Alternative Text

The images on this site use alternative text to describe the content of the image.


This site contains many links to other web sites, other pages on this web site, and downloadable PDF, Word and Excel documents. Where appropriate we have used a meaningful description so a screen reader can be used to read out just links.
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