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ENGAGE ! This web site has been designed to help science undergraduate students with advice and assistance on the most important aspects of scientific research you'll be involved in. Whether you're interested in research in general and want more information, or you're struggling with statistical analyses, you'll find the information here. You'll also find worked examples, exercises with answers, help sheets and quick quizzes to help you gauge your understanding.

Use the main entries in the menu on the left hand side to guide you through the process of research. If you're after some quick advice on a particular aspect, such as how to write a report, check out the How Do I..? section for downloadable hints and tips.

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ENGAGE site there are numerous links to external sites offering a vast experience in the practice and results of scientific research (in some browsers these are highlighted with a grey background). These external sites are displayed in a new browser window, which you can maximise to assist navigation around the new site. However, don't forget to close the external-site window to get back to ENGAGE.

Downloadable pdf files

A number of links on the site refer to documents in 'pdf' format. If you have trouble accessing these you may need to download the latest version of the Adobe pdf reader.