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Presenting a Poster

Poster presentations often form a component of course work, perhaps to present the results of your final year project. Researchers often use posters to disseminate the results of work at national and international conferences.


Think about the objective of your poster.  Are you trying to inform the audience about a particular topic or present the results of your research?

Have you been given a specification for the size or orientation of your poster? If you’re presenting at a conference, you’re likely to be allocated a poster board, and it’s important to ensure your poster fits on this!

What software programme will you use to create your poster? Your department may prefer a particular programme, or may have template posters you can add to.


Have a clear, organized structure. Your poster should tell a story and may include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

How much text? Posters can be difficult to read, and the more text you use less likely your audience is to read it. Keep it simple, use bullet points rather than sentences and use figures and plates wherever possible.

Use of figures, plates and tables. These can be used to break up areas of text, and can attract the attention of passers by. Figures and plates must be of high enough quality – avoid fuzzy and out of focus plates at all costs.

Colour If used correctly, colour can attract an audience to your poster. Over-use of colour, or excessively bright, bold colours can have the opposite effect.

Contact details. Make sure your name, email address and phone number are on your poster, so if anyone wants more information, or is interested in collaboration, they can contact you.


Be prepared to answer questions about your poster. If possible, stay close to your poster, and approach people who are reading your poster. In the context of your coursework, tutors are likely to ask you questions about your poster.... be ready to answer them!

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