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The terms ‘Engage’, ‘Engage in Research’, ‘engageinresearch.ac.uk’ and ‘the Engage web site’ refer to material located at www.engageinresearch.ac.uk and its associated content.

The use of Engage in Research (www.engageinresearch.ac.uk) constitutes your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. These take effect from the date on which you first access the web site. Note that these Terms of Use may be amended or changed at any time and you are responsible for reviewing them on a regular basis. Your use of the Engage web site constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Use existing at the time of access. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use you should terminate your use of the Engage web site immediately.

The information contained within the Engage web site is available for support purposes and you will use the material at your own risk. The University authorises you to view and display the material using a web browser and/or print out the material, provided that a copyright notice is shown on the printout. You are not authorised to alter the material in any way and/or to copy or cut from any page or its HTML source code. All liability of CETL-AURS, the University of Reading, its directors, employees or other representatives arising for any loss suffered by you as a result of using the Engage web site is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Furthermore, material contained on the Engage web site is provided ‘as if’ and on an ‘is available’ basis. No guarantee can be given for the accuracy, compatibility, security of the material contained within the web site, nor is it guaranteed that the information is free from errors.

You may not reproduce, copy, republish, post, broadcast, download, transmit, make available to the public or use the Engage web site except for your own personal, academic and/or non-profit making use. The Engage web site and its contents (including podcasts, quizzes, examples and exercises) may be used for academic, non-profit making purposes with suitable reference to the Engage web site and its authors.

In accepting these Terms of Use you agree to use the Engage web site solely for lawful purposes. You further agree to use the Engage web site in a way that does not violate, restrict, infringe or inhibit anyone else’s use and enjoyment of Engage. You will not use the Engage web site, or authorise or permit anyone else, to transmit or receive material which is offensive, abusive, defamatory, threatening, menacing, or in breach of confidence, copyright or intellectual property rights. Furthermore, you will not use the Engage web site in any way which violates any code, law or regulation. You will not make excessive demands on the web site’s bandwidth nor will you use the web site to transmit viruses, impair or harm the Engage web site’s computer system or any third party’s computer system.

The Engage web site contains numerous links to third party web sites that have been offered as an additional source of reference. No endorsement is made of the materials contained in external web sites and no control is exercised over the content of them. You may not hold Engage responsible for the quality, truth or accuracy of third party web sites, nor may Engage be held responsible for any contract you enter into with a third party. In addition, you may not hold Engage liable for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of entering into a contract with a third party. No liability is accepted for damage to your computer or associated software, including loss of information/data as a result of your using the Engage web site.

You agree to use the Engage web site in accordance with the Terms of Use set out here. Furthermore, you will fully compensate us for any costs (including legal fees) and losses we may occur arising from any break by you of these Terms of Use.
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